Before their Stay

Pre Stay Registration Form To ensure your cat’s stay with us is as peaceful as possible, please take the time to fill out the form attached above. We need to know as much as possible about your pet so that we can accommodate his/her needs and make sure that his/her holiday with us is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Please let us know anything that is helpful in this regard. We especially need to know:
  • Food type and pattern
  • Medical history including vaccination, worming and flea treatment
  • Sociability, are you happy for your cat to mix with the others in the gymnasium.
  • His or her likes and dislikes.

What to Bring

  • Vaccination certificate
  • Transportation box, please bring your cat in a secure box as we can take no responsibility for your cat’s safety until inside the cattery building. This is also an essential part of our emergency procedures.
  • Special toys, bedding etc that may help to ease your cat into their stay.
  • Comb/brush, if you wish us to groom your cat. It is usually better if you bring your comb or brush along since your cat will be used to this
  • Any medication etc clearly labeled.