Our cattery has reverse cycle airconditioning for those odd times on the coast when the weather is either very hot or very cold.

Guest suites have multi-story scratching poles, soft and comfy cat beds. Only cats from the same family are roomed together, if need be we have double suites available for the larger family.  All suites have an indoor area (2.4m x 1m) and an outdoor area (1.1m x 1m). They all have views over the natural bushland setting, which even on inclement days they are able to look at through the large glass panes in the doors. As our cattery has rooms on one side only our guests can sit and watch as we go about the daily chores within the cattery or join us whilst we watch a bit of TV or listen to the radio. There is a playroom available for the younger cats or the older ones who still think they are young!

Short or long term, age no barrier.